London, Teen Fiction and Sex Pests.

Well, haven’t I done a terrible job of keeping up with this blogging thing?   I haven’t really felt like writing for this blog much because all of the important things happening in my life feel too personal to post about. Nothing apocalyptic, but just your regular first world, mid-life, psudo dramas that I worry… Continue reading London, Teen Fiction and Sex Pests.

Short Thoughts

There’s so much to blog about at the moment isn’t there? The election, the terrorist incidents, what a jolly good time I had at the Mexican food night. I promise no great insights. On Thursday, I’ll be voting for Labour, mostly because I really like Jeremy Corbyn and his lefty peacenik ideas. I’m so worried… Continue reading Short Thoughts

London Luck and Some Grumbling

All in all not a fantastic weekend but also not a terrible one. Some highs, some lows, my favourite motivational saying is “Don’t let the seeds spoil the watermelon.” I love watermelon, and it’s a saying that really resonates with me. Although this weekend was a pretty seedy there was still a lot of sweet, sweet melon to make it worth the time and effort.

RPG, PvP and AirBnB

  This weekend my bother moves away to Leeds. After years of barely getting along in the past few years we’ve become mates by the dint that we are both quite nerdy, and my wider friend circle is quite nerdy, so we can dilute each other if we play games together or whatever. Apparently games… Continue reading RPG, PvP and AirBnB