London Luck and Some Grumbling

All in all not a fantastic weekend but also not a terrible one. Some highs, some lows, my favourite motivational saying is “Don’t let the seeds spoil the watermelon.” I love watermelon, and it’s a saying that really resonates with me. Although this weekend was a pretty seedy there was still a lot of sweet, sweet melon to make it worth the time and effort.


RPG, PvP and AirBnB

  This weekend my bother moves away to Leeds. After years of barely getting along in the past few years we’ve become mates by the dint that we are both quite nerdy, and my wider friend circle is quite nerdy, so we can dilute each other if we play games together or whatever. Apparently games… Continue reading RPG, PvP and AirBnB

EastEnders – Guilty (Dis)Pleasure?

About a month ago I went away for a few weeks and missed my almost daily dose of the only soap opera I watch, EastEnders. I watch it almost out of habit. I’ve watched it for a crazy length of time, so long I hate to guess, 10 years, 15, possibly 20? Imagine what I… Continue reading EastEnders – Guilty (Dis)Pleasure?

Insomnia Strikes Again / Night of the Comet

At 11:40 I had to turn off the 80’s horror classic that is NIGHT OF THE COMET, just after the sisters are separated by the scientists, because I couldn’t keep my eyes open. By midnight I was tucked up in bed and dreaming vivid dreams about being a teenager again. By 3:40 I was wide… Continue reading Insomnia Strikes Again / Night of the Comet