EastEnders – Guilty (Dis)Pleasure?

About a month ago I went away for a few weeks and missed my almost daily dose of the only soap opera I watch, EastEnders. I watch it almost out of habit. I’ve watched it for a crazy length of time, so long I hate to guess, 10 years, 15, possibly 20? Imagine what I… Continue reading EastEnders – Guilty (Dis)Pleasure?

Insomnia Strikes Again / Night of the Comet

At 11:40 I had to turn off the 80’s horror classic that is NIGHT OF THE COMET, just after the sisters are separated by the scientists, because I couldn’t keep my eyes open. By midnight I was tucked up in bed and dreaming vivid dreams about being a teenager again. By 3:40 I was wide… Continue reading Insomnia Strikes Again / Night of the Comet