London, Teen Fiction and Sex Pests.

Well, haven’t I done a terrible job of keeping up with this blogging thing?   I haven’t really felt like writing for this blog much because all of the important things happening in my life feel too personal to post about. Nothing apocalyptic, but just your regular first world, mid-life, psudo dramas that I worry… Continue reading London, Teen Fiction and Sex Pests.

Toad/Stool. Mostly Water Colour .

I’m trying to get more into water colour, but damn me it’s hard! I think it requires a combination of forward planning and going with the flow that I find oddly distressing. Is it weird that I love the lower edge of the painting more than any other bit even though it pretty much embodies… Continue reading Toad/Stool. Mostly Water Colour .

Small Victories and Mushroom Soup

Today was a good day. My boyfriend had a job interview, we met for lunch, and I bought some pretty awesome food.   My boyfriend has been doing the same job for quite a while now, but his contract was temporary so he had to apply for it again when a permanent vacancy cropped up.… Continue reading Small Victories and Mushroom Soup