Under the Olive Trees – A Yoga Retreat in Montenegro

Travelling Hippy

A couple of months ago I went on a week-long yoga and meditation retreat that involved silent breakfasts and vegetarian food. And it wasn’t the least bit pretentious or wank-y. Seriously.

Morning meditation Morning meditation

The awkward thing about booking onto a yoga and meditation retreat is that then you have to tell people you are going on one. It inevitably sounds self-indulgent, new-agey or modern wannabe hippyish. Because, let’s face it, an actual hippy would never part with hundreds of pounds to sit in an exotic location with a bunch of strangers chanting ‘om’, drinking ‘cleansing’ juices and talking about how spiritual this place is, would they?

Well, I hate to ruin that illusion, but the My Yogic Adventure retreat was not like that at all, so I guess my hippy credentials are still intact. The place we stayed at in the town of Stari Bar, Montenegro, was definitely paradise, though.

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