London, Teen Fiction and Sex Pests.

Well, haven’t I done a terrible job of keeping up with this blogging thing?


I haven’t really felt like writing for this blog much because all of the important things happening in my life feel too personal to post about. Nothing apocalyptic, but just your regular first world, mid-life, psudo dramas that I worry would do me no favours to talk about. A friend of mine says “A problem shared isn’t halved, it’s a liability.”

This week has been a bit of an interesting one. I spent one day in London, which meant getting up at the crack of dawn, spending  3 hours on a train down there to arrive at lunch time. Woe, is me, I love to travel but I am not a morning person so I was wiped out by the time I arrived in London. The weather was similar to the last time I was in Bangkok, rainy, hot, humid, it’s funny, in Thailand I revel in that sort of weather, in London I was a gross sticky mess by the time I met up with my purpose. The reason I had to get there was quite exciting. I was facilitating a summer school at UCL for English and Japanese teenagers. It was great in many respects, I got to reconnect with loads a few people and make some new friends to boot! The only down side was the ever recurring question of “How’s that PhD going?”  even thinking about it fills me with angst. Some of the teenagers were really interesting, some of them were a bit moody and disengaged, I do not think I could deal with kids all day every day. After the evening I went for dinner with a friend I met during a conference in Prague. He’s over on holiday from America so it was great timing. Hopefully we’ll meet up in Calgary next, it’s a city we’ve both got connections to. Good food, good booze, good company, good times.

I’m 6 hours in to the audio book of Eragon at the moment. I read some of it on holiday a few years back and I recall enjoying it, but never finishing it. So far I’m still enjoying it, it’s no Game of Thrones but for a “young adult” book it’s good. The one drawback is the guy who is reading it does a terrible voice for the dragon. He sounds like a death metal version of Yoda. Not a fan.  Listen and you’ll totally see what I mean

The highlight of today was getting pervy messages from a friend of a friend in Pakistan (I only mention his location because there is no chance we know each other, or are ever likely to meet, which is why I think he thinks his behavior is fine). Did I say highlight? No… the opposite of that. He’s some guy who was in a friends class and found me via her facebook, so I’ve decided to get my revenge. He’s the only person listed as working at his work place on FB, so I’ve suggested to FB that a screen shot of our conversation is a suitable image to represent it. Now whenever anyone he knows looks at his work profile they’ll see he’s a creepy sex pest.  Why do people think it’s ok to contact strangers on social networking sites in this manner?


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