Curse You, Body Clock!


The other week I made myself a set of promises to help me feel like I was regaining control of my life. Less screen time before bed, bed before 2 and up at 10 am at the latest every day. Sounds doable, yeah? Last night I was in bed by 1:20, I finally gave up on sleep at about 5 am after a night of my mind playing the Count Duckula theme at me. I got up and checked my social media, then decided to nap on the couch, I am reliably informed this is bad for your sleep, but I have a cool little nest of pillows thing going on and I managed to get probably half an hour of sleep before my boyfriend woke me when he came in at about 7. Then I managed to sleep next to him from about 8 to 12. I really resent sleep. It robs me of time. So now I’m awake, one coffee down and I am totally ready for a nap. I’m not going to nap. I’m not. My inner sleep gremlin is suggesting I just have a little chill on the couch and listen to an audio book I’ve listened to before.  Get thee behind me sleep gremlin!


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