Short Thoughts

There’s so much to blog about at the moment isn’t there? The election, the terrorist incidents, what a jolly good time I had at the Mexican food night. I promise no great insights.

On Thursday, I’ll be voting for Labour, mostly because I really like Jeremy Corbyn and his lefty peacenik ideas. I’m so worried about the outcome of the election. Brexit was a horrible wake up for me. I joked about voting leave because not only did it seem like such a dumb idea, but I was so sure it wasn’t going to happen. Then it happened. What will happen after this election?

The terrorist attacks, terrible, sad, outrageous but I really feel like we don’t need to fear too much, you’d have to be so unlucky to be caught up in it. As I said in my blog about London, we visited Borough Market, it was wonderful. The threat of terror won’t be enough to keep me from those pastries. I do want to express solidarity with all of my Muslim friends who’ve had their lives made harder by this.

Mexican night, I had managed to wrangle 5 friends to come with me, and instead of pacing myself like a normal adult I ended up quite tiddled. A woman showed up on her own so I demanded she join us. We ended up going back to her house in Jesmond because she had chickens and more booze. I was planning on going home at a reasonable time, but I woke up in my friend’s bed in Walker. The next day was spent trying to walk home and not throw up. I managed both, so let’s call that a success. I take my victories where I can.

I’m currently listening to I Am Legend on youtube, it’s surprisingly awesome. I’ve owned the book for years but I haven’t gotten around to reading it. I’ve seen the film version and this is very different. I’m super enjoying the performance of the reader too. For a book about someone being alone, a bit depressed and in fear it’s really gripping. In the time it’s taken me to write this I’ve finished it. I thought the ending was really good. I’ve googled the author, Richard Matheson, I’m wondering if he is one of these guys who ruins a perfectly good books by obsessing over rape and that nature of women?

The Game of Thrones series is my favourite set of audiobooks, but the reading is distractingly bad, as are many of the Terry Pratchett later audio books. Anyone fancy making a suggestion for my next audiobook?

Speaking of the election, someone told me this was number one in the charts at the moment:


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