Latest Obsession

I am a creature of obsessions. I’ll come across an idea and then learn as much about it as a practically can and then it’ll just be a load of relatively useless information swilling around my brain and not being of much use to me. From the edible: micro-brewing, home fermenting pickles, and sourdough, to the crafty: acrylic pouring techniques, resin, crochet, portraits, abstract art (I’m not quite through with this one yet), and even the botanical: Bonsai, chilli peppers and aquaponics. I could probably bore the legs off you with a conversation about anything above.

Today’s obsession? Sashiko. A old Japanese sewing technique, used to mend clothes in a decorative way. I’m at the start of this obsession so I could be wrong about the finer points of that, however, I think I’ve got a craft crush.

I was looking for a way to repurpose some old denim jeans and I thought to myself, I love bags, let’s see what the internet can offer me in terms of inspiration. Turns out a few years back in American quilting circles Sashiko was all the rage. After my inner sociologist pondered the implications of the cultural appropriation of a craft I decided I would still like to have a bash at doing it. So, I blew a bunch of money I shouldn’t have on supplies and I’m gearing up to start.

Unfortunately (she says semi sarcastically), I’m off to a “Mexican” feast tonight, probably cooked by white people who’ve been on a holiday to there recently. My inner sociologist reminded me if they start passing out sombreros and moustaches I should leave. So my thirst for craft is being thwarted by my need to understand what a “sweetcorn panna cotta” might be like… I’ll let you know.

On that note: I love this song, I don’t really understand much of it, but it was recommended to me by a Mexican friend and as such whenever I think of anything Mexican it pops into my head.


Ooo, turns out the band is Colombian!  This is really youtube clip interesting about the impact of the music video.



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