I Love My Network.

If I walk through Newcastle on any given day and don’t bump into 2 or 3 people I know it’s a very strange day indeed. In fact, if I don’t see anyone I know I’d start to worry I’d slipped into an alternate reality. Newcastle is quite a small city and I’ve lived here for most of my life so naturally, I see people I know all the time. Besides, if I don’t know anyone in a situation give it a few minutes and people will start talking to me because I have a friendly face and open body language.

Often knowing people means I know people who I can tap for specific things. Mostly knowledge, sometimes favors, and the occasional adventure buddy. For example, I met a guy, let’s call him Big C, many years back when I was an undergrad. He was friends with lots of my friends, he worked at my regular pub and also did some subjectively excellent DJing. If you like Pop Punk as much as I do you’d enjoy his time in the booth. Last time I spoke to him it was to inquire about what wine his mate drinks, said mate had REALLY helped me out with a problem with my website hosting and I wanted to show my gratitude. This was quite a while ago. We’re not really close buddies, we’d have a conversation in a pub but we would never arrange to be there to have that conversation with each other if you get me. I have him on facebook and he made a post about a hive of bumble bees that had taken up residence in his bin, and how he wanted to move them, but really didn’t want them killed. So I rummage through my mental Rolodex and I come up with a girl I met a few times at Comedy Society, I’m fairly sure she’s also a member of Bee Soc. I put them in touch with each other and long story short those bee’s should dedicate a shrine to me for saving them.

I’m also trying to hook up all the mums of young children I know. They all feel the same, isolated, alone, and bored. Unfortunately it’s not going as smoothly as I had hoped. Every time I try to arrange “a lets hang out, you guys can bring your kids and they can distract each other” kind of event something happens to mess it up. I understand life happens and you can bring a horse to water, blah blah, but meeting up with mothers is like herding cats! Also, apparently it’s half term, so that’s getting in the way too.

Basically what I’m trying to say is I love matching people to problems.

I’m looking forward to this Friday, I’ve booked a table at some sort of Mexican Feast thing and I’ll get to introduce some foodie friends to some other foodie friends. Hopefully good food and good company. Speaking of which:




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