RPG, PvP and AirBnB


This weekend my bother moves away to Leeds. After years of barely getting along in the past few years we’ve become mates by the dint that we are both quite nerdy, and my wider friend circle is quite nerdy, so we can dilute each other if we play games together or whatever. Apparently games are quite a healthy way to channel adult sibling rivalry.

This time last year I set up a group called “5 Seasons of RPGs”, the premise was that 5 people would take it in turns to play/run Role Playing Games (RPG) for each other. If you aren’t sure what a RPG is, you’ve probably heard of Dungeons and Dragons, it’s like playing pretend with more rules and dice. I picked 4 other people who matched my criteria of being:

  • Reliable
  • Creative / imaginative
  • Fun enough to see once a week-ish for a long period of time

Well, actually, my criteria were more like:

  • My boyfriend – He likes a good RPG
  • My brother – He likes a good RPG and he lives here, rude not to invite him
  • My/ my boyfriend’s friend – He likes a good RPG
  • Ermmm … Ermmm… ah yes, someone else who has never RPG’d before but is probably free.

(I’m still trying to work out if I want to use people’s names in my blog, should I give them pseudonyms? Is using their real name a bit TMI? Answers on a postcard.)

First, my boyfriend ran World of Darkness, an RPG where things like vampires and werewolves are real. Next, friend 3 on the list ran Dungeons and Dragons, high fantasy, Tolkinesque, kinda fun. Finally, my brother just finished running Unknown Armies, basically cosmic bum fights, magic is real and everything is confusing and supernatural shit goes down all the time. It has a really fun set up mechanic where the players help create the story they want to be part of.

Long story short, I’d missed a few games, mostly because I’d booked a trip to Canada and I wasn’t about to skype RPG when I could be discovering cool things IRL. So when I returned, I let my brother write me a character who’d interact interestingly with the other player characters (PCs), and dived right in. He made me an anti-war-hippy-young-lass in a game where the other PC’s were all grizzled veterans in a motorbike gang together. As you can imagine, my character didn’t mesh well and ended up being extremely antagonistic. The crux of the drama was that this timeline was collapsing and only 8 people could go through a portal to another time line and survive. The other PC’s wanted their loved ones to go through, I wanted the members of my hippy commune to go through, which was reasonable enough in my humble opinion. The climax came when the other PC’s had died and my boyfriend and I were hand to hand fighting to the death after he shot me. What makes this interesting/unusual is that it isn’t often PC’s die in RPG’s, people put a lot of effort into creating their characters and it’s a bit of a dick move to kill them. Also, as a general rule players aren’t allowed to do “stuff” to each other, like fight each other, or rob each other because that tends to lead to PC deaths and as I mentioned, it’s an RPG faux pas. When players fight it’s called PvP, Player verses Player. My boyfriend and I didn’t in the end kill each other, we just fought long enough for both of us to stop existing. All of the PC’s in my brothers campaign died, which as far as outcomes go, I really liked. A fine way to end his part of the journey in 5 Seasons seeing as he may never get to play the next 2 campaigns.

The next campaign is mine. I was originally going to run Legend of the 5 Rings (L5R) a medieval Japanese-ish fantasy system, I used to play the collectable card game and read the fiction books. It’s a fun world but I’m not 100% sure I can do it justice. My other go to system is All Flesh Must be Eaten. You guessed it, Zombies. The one major drawback of this system is that people know there will be zombies at some point and the best part of any zombie story is the period when everyone is running around like headless chickens saying “OH. My. G-G-GOD. PEOPLE ARE EATING EACHOTHER!!!” I’m sure my decision will warrant a blog post about it later on. Try not to let the suspense kill you.

So, we’ve had RPG’s and PvP, where does Airbnb fit into this blog?  Well my friends I’ll be hitting up London this weekend. I’m a bit broke and my boyfriend is T-Total, so what kind of fun we’ll have I do not know. I predict at least one jaunt to a graveyard and a good long period of time getting lost. I’m staying in a rather nice looking place on The Isle of Dogs. Not my favourite part of London, but I’m ready to have my mind changed. If you aren’t already on Airbnb click this link, I’ll get a little money off my next trip and so will you, I think – www.airbnb.co.uk/c/lp121 🙂

In keeping with my previous blogs, a little ditty to finish off with:


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