Not My First Rodeo

Funny isn’t it? By the time you’ve jumped through all the hoops of learning how to use/customize a new blog, on a new platform, you’re at a loss for things to say? I am an eternal planner, I spend so much time thinking of what I’m going to say or do that when it comes to it the moment has passed. Sure, I’ve blogged before. I’m a big fan of Tumblr, for a while I was paid to blog for Newcastle Uni, and somewhere out there is a cringe worthy live journal full of angst and spelling errors.

This time I’m writing for me.  I write 1000’s of words a day but more often than not it’s in the form of Facebook statuses and chat. I write that for other people. Funny statuses, thoughts and ideas, all lovingly curated for 600 of my closest friends, old work colleagues, people I hated in school and new BFF’s I met in the pub that one time.

The plan is to write about my day to day thoughts and ideas, but because I’m pretentious I’m probably going to refer to my mundane musings, as Quotidian Thoughts or something like that. Hopefully I’ll become a better writer though practice, and even if I don’t I’ll have a record of my writing that I can look back on when I’m older and cringe.


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